Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another GOLDEN day at Cypress!


The sun has left us but Cypress had snow all day......just a few months late!

As you probably know we had the debut of ladies ski cross at the Olympics and Canada won the gold!!

I was working at the entrance scanning spectator tickets so I had no clue as to what was happening on the hill but our team leader filled us in on the good news. We also helped the spectators find their way out of the venue to the buses so they were in a good mood after the gold and I got many "high fives" from fans.

I had a stroke of good luck today. One of the volunteers had 4 tickets for tomorrows medal ceremony at BC Place with the feature band being INXS. At $30 each I scooped them up. Myself, my host family and Luke, their 5 year old son will go to the ceremony. Luke is very excited as he has been wanting to go to an Olympic event. This is much more affordable than most events.

I didn't really have any photos for today (I must have been exhausted from our last 2 days!!) so this one is me holding my tickets for INXS!!

Take care,



  1. A good Aussie band (and one my husband has played with in their heyday!). Hope it was fab!

  2. Hi Marianne, You are like the ever-ready bunny - you just keep going & going. You are doing a great job with the updates and photos - you are creating a terrific memory. Have fun at the medal ceremony. We are watching hockey again tonight. Go Canada Go!

  3. You go Smurfette! That's all I've got..........