Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canada - "What an Amazing Day" We are so proud!

I had my last shift up at Cypress was just like my 1st shift...standing outside in the pouring rain! At least this time I had a poncho. I kept dry and warm and I was posted down where the spectators enter...away from the action. Our canadian athletes have done so well at Cypress...another gold today!

Today was a "last day" for a few last shift, my last ride on public transit (that is not so bad..) It is all a bit sad as I have had such an amazing time.

I am spending the evening hanging out with my host Rebecca. The kids have gone to bed, she has ordered Thai food in for us and we'll probably have a little wine! Her husband Scott has gone "out with the boys" to partake in the atmosphere down town.... (see picture of Scott in his kilt with his friend Richard before they hit downtown!)

The picture of the boys is taken before bed while they are watching a cartoon. It hit me today that I have really become fond of these boys and I will miss them.

The other picture is of some fans from Holland. You can not probably see but on the hat of the first fan is a "skate". I didn't have time to ask them to pose for me so I had to take a rear view shot.

Tomorrow Rebecca is having a few people over to watch the Canada/US hockey game and the closing ceremonies.

Hope all is well,



  1. You've done an amazing job keeping us all involved with your Olympic journey. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Good on ya!

  2. p.s. not too sure about the whole burka look