Sunday, February 14, 2010

A "golden" day at Cypress.

Sunday, February 14th, 2010.

What can I say.... it was perfect, sunny weather at Cypress today and we won our first gold medal on Canadian soil!

I lucked out on my position today. I was right at bottom of the mogul run working in the "mix zone"; the zone where the athletes and media are together & do the interviews etc. It was much the same position I had yesterday. All the volunteers want a position like this because it is where the action is and the view is good of the mogul run. (we have no control where we work each day, just the luck of the draw) I had to control access to this area and check that everyone had the right credentials to get in.

The highlight of the day was after Alexandre won the gold. He and his family left the "mix zone" and walked right by my position. I was within 1 foot of him!! but he was busy talking to the Prime Minister on an ear phone! I congratulated his mother and I "high fived" his brother. I also got a picture of the family that I have posted.

Tomorrow I am working at the snowboard cross. I just heard that they have cancelled 4,000 general admission tickets for tomorrow because their standing surface is unsafe. I hope I am not working at ticketing as there will be many unhappy people. How unfortunate for some people who may have travelled to Vancouver for that one event.

We had a few tense moments at Cypress today. After the mogul event finished and 9,000 people exited the venue, we were informed that an 11 year old japanese boy had become separated from his family. He could not speak English. It was also dark when the event finished. He was lost for about an hour but he was finally found.

I think the weather is calling for sun tomorrow again which is great as I have been here 5 days and this is only the second day I've seen sun. I've come to learn that everyday is a "bad hair day" in Vancouver due to the climate.

Take care, we will talk soon.



  1. Wow just about the best seat in the house! You must have been so proud! It was pretty exciting on TV too but I imagine the atmosphere must have been explosive - huge adrenalin rush. What an amazing experience for you. Enjoy, enjoy! Could be an accomplishment of a bucket list!
    Take care, but have fun.

  2. Best seat in the house is right! I just about cried when he won yesterday!!! Can't wait to see him get his medal! And for your sake Marianne, I hope you don't have to work the ticket area either on the snowboarding hill...or good luck if you do!!! I told Kath that the next Olympics we have in Canada, if there is one before we die that she and I are volunteering at it if we don't become super Olympic champions by then :)

    I miss you Marianne!!! Your family needs to take another trip over here and visit! Maybe some wonderland visits?

  3. Keep up the good work. How exciting for you to have been there for Canada's first gold! We've been watching trying to pick you out in the crowd.

  4. Great reading Marianne. What an experience you're having - lots happening at Cypress on the mogul runs. CTV coverage amazing so we are all following closely. Looking forward to the Billodeau medal pres tonight - what a performance. Bet your are exhausted. Good thing adrenalin kicks in to keep us going in times like this. Hang in there - we're all envious of the fabulous job you have. Take good care.... C & J