Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canada women's hockey final today....

Hello all:

I want to post my blog before the final in women's hockey so I can watch it on TV.

My shift today was cancelled at Cypress so I took the opportunity to check out the Capilano suspension bridge which is 230 feet above the Capilano River. As I think most people would feel, I wondered how that wobbly, bouncy bridge would hold so many tourists; especially during the Olympics! I did my duty and read the information board which told me that the bridge would hold the equivalent of 96 elephants. I looked at the bridge and there were only 6 people on it so I went for it. It's a challenge to take a picture as you are weaving up and down. Not for the faint of heart or not for anyone who has had some alcohol prior to walking the bridge.

Another piece of trivia, one of the Douglas Fir trees that supported the bridge was 300 years old and 14 feet in circumference. They claim that the trees get stronger with all the winds and weight they have to support. That was comforting.

My highlight of the excursion was when this wee little 5 year old boy came up to me and asked me if I would trade pins with him. ( before I came to the Olympics I didn't really know much about pin trading - pretty self explanatory- but I have now become more adept to "the process") The little boy asked me for one of my pins with the mascots on it so I gave it to him. He then asked me which one I would like. He only had about 5 pins so how could I take a pin from a 5 year old... I thanked him and said "you keep them" but he insisted on giving me a skater pin of Joannie Roachet (SP??) He was from the US so I think he was OK with letting it go.

I then headed home but took one stop to take a photo of the Russian "tall ship" that is docked in harbour. This is one of Russia's attractions to advertise that they are the next host of the 2014 Olympics.

I also went to see Luke (age 5) play hockey. It was very cute....he got 7 goals, he is the tallest on the team.... if you look at the height of his parents, it makes sense.

Tomorrow I am "show and tell" for Luke at his preschool so I better figure out what I am going to say to a group of 5 year olds! After that, we plan to take the boys to the aquarium.

Go Canada Go!!!! P.S. the picture of Lynda and I on the jumbotron is from Monday's semi final hockey game.



  1. Hey my friend,
    What a journey you're having. Taking it all in and sharing it with us. Thank you so much for that.
    I love your pin trading story . . . Gord was reading it to me as I was watching Joannie Rochette and her dad embrace after the medal ceremony. Very moving . . .
    Looking foward to hearing more when you get home.

  2. Great picture on the jumbotron. I was looking for you in the crowd. You said you were wearing red and holding a flag. Yeah...that made it easy. Doesn't seem like they're working you too hard. Keep on partying!

  3. Brilliant pic on the jumbotron! You star you!!