Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Medal Day for Canada! All women!

Vancouver was pumped today! I had the day off so I decided to go downtown, do a little shopping and see some of the free Olympic attractions.

I was curious to see the official Olympic store at the Bay as it has daily 2-3 block line ups to get in. I got into line, called my sister Leslie in Kingston and after a 20 minute call, the line up was only a few minutes! The Olympic store was massive, anything you can imagine was there. I wanted the red hoodie with Canada on it for Bruce but they have not had any for 2 weeks. Shopping in the store was like shopping on boxing day.... shoulder to shoulder. People were not even trying on clothes, they were just taking them. It was a frenzy. Bruce will be glad that I only bought a few things. (see picture of line up)

I then went to visit The Northern House which show cases our Canadian north. It was very well done, see pictures. Did you know that the average wage in the Yukon for all occupations is $24.80? I then hopped on the sky train (I am getting to be a pro at using the transit system) and went to try and get into the Russia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan House, as they were all side by side. Russia House was closed because of the mens hockey game and the others all had line ups and they all had TV screens inside showing the men's hockey game between Canada and Russia. The lines did not budge as no one was going leave to go outside and walk in the rain! I watched the game for a bit outside on the TV screen and could hear the roar when Canada scored as we were right beside GM Hockey Place.

I walked over to BC Place as I was meeting my house hosts Rebecca, Scott and Luke to see the Medals ceremony and see the band INXS. Luke is 5 and this was his first Olympic event so he was very excited; wearing his Canada flag as a cape! The medal ceremony was well done; it was nice to see Clara Hughes get her bronze medal. It's too bad we couldn't see all the medals that were won today.

It is getting late so I shall sign off...this is my second attempt to do the blog tonight. I was previewing my 1st blog and somehow I erased it all.....I was not impressed. So then I ate some junk food and here I am again...

We'll talk soon.


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  1. OH Marianne! That looks like sooo much fun!!! I can't believe how long that line is but I guess we had to expect that lol. I finally got a Canada shirt here in Burlington, one left in my size haha. YAY CLARA HUGHES and our bobsled teams and our hockey team :):) I love the updates Marianne! Looks like your're having a blast