Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 1 - Up at 4:45 a.m to get to the airport. Both Madeline and Kath & Bruce (and the dog) came to the airport which was very nice...

Big treat, got to go executive class. (that's all the seats they had on points, darn!) I've never gone in executive class before & it is going to be hard to go back to economy after hot towels, hot oatmeal cookies and gelato ice cream. The flight was smooth. I am not a great flyer but I was pretty good.

Vancouver airport was a "buzz" with volunteers everywhere and travellers that had team jackets on, bobsleigh, etc. It was neat. Vancouver was sunny and quite warm, some people in shorts. They do not have a speck of snow and spring flowers were blooming. Hard to believe they are hosting the winter olympics in 3 days.

A neighbor of mine knows a family in North Vancouver that were willing to rent me a room in their home. As the couple both work, I had to find my way to their house by public transit (which I never use) in a strange city. The good news is I made it, I only took the bus on the wrong side of the street once. The family I am staying with are great. The husband and wife both drive Harley's! They have 2 little boys; very cute, age 2 & 5.

I spent the day making my way around Vancouver on the bus picking up my uniform and picking up my free ticket to the opening ceremonies. (dress rehearsal) I must say everything has been so well organized and efficient. Everyone is very friendly.

Tomorrow I am headed up to Cypress Mountain for some training; I'll be able to give you the low down on the snow situation or lack of it.

Hope all is well with you all,

We'll talk tomorrow.


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