Saturday, February 20, 2010

SUNNY AGAIN in Vancouver.....

Hard to beat a ride on a harley but back to reality.

I had a shift from 11:00 to 5:30 today at the women's aerials. Today was just qualifications; no medal event today. The qualifications started at 10:00 a.m. so when I started my shift the qualifications were over and the crowds were leaving. Luck was on my side as I was let go at 2 p.m. as there wasn't much to do! No complaints from me! (the picture of the aerial - look for the little red spot-that is an athlete!) The athlete in blue is a Swedish athlete. The water view from the barricade is from the trip up to Cypress.

I decided since it was so nice out that I would go out and explore a bit when I got home. I've been told there is a pretty little cove close to Rebecca and Scott's house. I hopped on the bus and found "Deep Cove" ; a very scenic, pretty cove. (pictures above) There were cute little shops around so I loved it.

When I got home Scott and Rebecca were having an open house. This couple is amazing and it is nothing for them to entertain 20 plus people at the drop of a hat. That was just today. Tomorrow they are doing the same thing! I said to Rebecca "are you nuts" and her reply was "well I only have to clean the house once and the left over food from today will feed the crowd tomorrow! I wish I was so relaxed in entertaining! They always encourage me to be part of their parties and their friends are very nice.

Tomorrow I will meet Lynda (my job sharing partner) and her husband Mitch down town. We will probably just walk around and soak up the spirit because there are several hour waits for most attractions. Pre Olympics Lynda suggested we consider the free down town zip line... well it is pretty popular..the wait time is now 8 hours! I think we'll just watch considering they only have 2 days to tour around!

Hope all is well, love all your comments, take care...



  1. Marianne - just caught up in one go on all the posts. Sounds like you're having the time of your life ... well done! Glad you've found an Aussie or two in there to mix it up too! Your adventure has made me very jealous and I'm getting itchy feet for travelling again (mind you, it doesn't take much for me!). We watched the opening ceremonies here last weekend ... they didn't finish until 2:30am! Have been catching a few events here and there between work and school too - yesterday saw the Canadians ice skating and they were fab. Look forward to more from Vancouver! xo

  2. oh Marianne it looks like you are having so much fun :) Adventures around Vancouver sounds lovely too :) I can't wait to go to London with you!!! looks like you are having great weather which can be rare in BC!!! love the updates :)

  3. Hi Marianne! I too am really enjoying your posts. Thx so much for sharing this experience. It has really helped me be more engaged with all the events. I always think of you whenever watching something at Cypress ... like those crazy aerialists. I can't imagine what it would be like to see something like that first hand. I may just have to consider volunteering next time. ;-)