Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I think I had too much wine in Whistler!

I think my pictures were a little cock eyed in the last post. When I previewed them it didn't look like it looks now! I don't know how to fix it!

Can you guess the country of the people that I am posing with? (if you can see the picture)



  1. Marianne- this is all fabulous. You are having the experience of a lifetime, even with the toilet duty!! Great to see Val and husband in Whistler. Enjoy it all!!

  2. Hi Marianne,
    I vote for Sweden...all that blue and yellow!
    Sounds (and looks) like you are having a great time - lucky you near the port-a-POTties! What a great picture of you with Waldo and Valerie...love your posts...thinking of you. Darcie

  3. with a closer look I see ...kraine on the arm of the gentleman...a little google research confirms my second guess! Ukraine!

  4. lol........ and here i was going to say Canada....... was looking at the Mounties.... seemed a gimme.