Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Sunny Day at Cypress!

Hello all:

I had an early morning shift at Cypress today; leaving the house at 6:00 a.m. to catch the bus. It was dark as I walked to the bus stop but as I was walking a car pulled up beside me and rolled down the window. At home I may have been a little nervous in this situation but I had a feeling it must be a fellow volunteer (they call us volunteers "smurfs" because of our blue jackets.) and sure enough it was a blue jacketed volunteer & she offered me a ride to catch the bus to Cypress, which eliminated me taking 2 more buses. The local volunteers have been great in giving rides to us out of "towners". Above is a picture of all the smurfs arriving for their early morning shift.

I enjoyed my shift today the most of any yet. I think that was because I could sit all shift! I was welcoming and directing the spectators before they entered the security area. I was sitting in one of those elevated chairs; like you see on the beach that the lifeguards use! I loved it. It was sunny and warm so it was great. I am working on my tan. I got some photos of some of the enthusiastic fans also.

I just found out that my shift for tomorrow is cancelled so I am very HAPPY... I will venture out down town probably. The weather here is suppose to be sunny and 10 degrees for the next 3 days so I need to take advantage of it. I would like to try and get to Granville Island. I'll let you know what happens.

Take care, keep the comments coming. That is the first thing I look at!



  1. Hello Marianne! Up on that chair, no meanies can get to you and its so much more authoritative looking, you look a little intimidating should there be angry people with their "herb" situations lol. but still as lovely as Marianne always is :) lucky day off! I hope its one of the sunny days for ya! Im thinking about jetting out there to meet you instead of going back to school on sunday :( lol

  2. Morning MA, Weather looks great. Glad to hear you are having an exciting time. Brings back memories for Rob of the 88 Olympics in Kananaskis. You look great in your Smurf outfit.

  3. Marianne, What a great experience. I am really enjoying reading all about it - glad you have a blog. Lynda was all decked in her Canada scarf at Jt. Business Meeting today!! She is excited about her trip. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.