Monday, February 22, 2010

Canadian Women's hockey team win against Finland!

Lynda, Mitch and I saw our first Olympic event; a great hockey game in which our Canadian women won. As you probably saw, the crowd was a "sea of red" and a very happy crowd.

The big thrill was that Lynda and I got to be on the "jumbotron"... being very silly.

It was another sunny and warm day in Vancouver...the last sunny day they tell us, but it has been a great run!

Lynda, Mitch and I met up again in downtown Vancouver. We went to visit a friend of Mitch's that he used to work with in Ottawa. His friend now lives on his boat with his wife in False Creek. We all (including his wife's brother who is the skip of the Australia curling team. His team missed being in the olympics by 1/2 point) ate lunch at Granville Island and then walked to Canada Hockey Place. The photos are of our day and of the game. (the picture of the girls from work is also included in many of the photos as they couldn't be with us in body but we had them in picture with us) By the way, that is Lynda's toe with the maple leaf! She is so patriotic!

We had a great 2 days together, many laughs. Lynda and Mitch are on their way back to Ottawa tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is back to reality more or less, I have a shift up at Cypress. I think it is the women's ski cross, debuting it's first time in the Olympics.

Take care,



  1. Ooooh you lucky girl! That was a great game. I love watching hockey players with ponytails! :-)

  2. The red jerseys look great! literally a sea of red! GO CANADIAN LADIES in ski cross. As we speak I am watching it and we're doing pretty well in qualifying! i hope they carry that out :)

  3. Hey Ma:

    You appear to be having a way toooo good of a time. Rob is envious of the Harley riding as we still are in winter here in Jasper. The Pics are great and what a journal you are going to have for memories to come.

    You Go Girl!