Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lynda, Mitch and Marianne in downtown Vancouver!

Lynda and Mitch arrived late last night. We met up downtown Vancouver this morning on yet ANOTHER sunny, warm day. There was no use trying to get into any attractions as there were huge line ups for everything. Wait time for free zip line was 7 hours. The line up for the Bay to buy Olympic clothing was at least 300-400 people; sorry family!! No go.

Lynda, Mitch and I agreed to just walk around downtown and the waterfront and soak up the atmosphere. Almost everyone was in some kind of Canada attire; it was very neat! We visited the cauldron, and walked around the waterfront area. We came upon a marina with some very nice boats; and then we discovered a great restaurant overlooking the marina and the float plane base. We decided it was time for a drink.....Lynda and I went over the top & had a "grand cosmopolitan"; I think that was what it was called! anyway it was very good so we decided to try another girlie drink; I think the next was called a "royal hibiscus". It was very good too and then Lynda and I just became silly so we thought best to stop there. (Mitch has a lot of patience!) We then walked up to Robson Street and joined what seemed to be like a million other people. It was neat to see the zip line in action and all the people having so much fun. We parted ways around 3 p.m. so Mitch and Lynda could make it back to Surrey to see the Canada/US hockey game.

We will meet up tomorrow as we have tickets together for the women's semi final hockey against Finland. Lynda says our seats are about 20 rows up to the left from the visitor goal. We will take a big Canada flag and yes we'll be dressed in red! (like everyone else!)

Just a little explanation about some of the pictures. When you see a picture of 7 women that Lynda is holding up..that is our small but close knit group of team members from work. Lynda wanted them to be included in our Vancouver experience.

Hope you are all well. Take care. Go Canada Go!



  1. Oh, Marianne...two drinks in the middle of the day? And a ride on a Harley in leathers! What's happening to you in Lotus Land? Soon you'll be taking up yoga and letting your leg hair grow. Looks like you're having tons of fun.

  2. Don't listen to Nora! DON'T Let your leg hair grow long!!! lol. Looks like you are having a ball! You guys look so cool all decked out in red! I'll be looking out for ya at the game!!!!

  3. Enjoy and embrace the silliness. In fact ... wallow in it!! xo

  4. Marianne . . . Our cool Canuk!!!
    You're a changin' girl . . . no more Woodies in the middle of the day! You done gone gettin' sofisticated!
    I love that you've been to Granville Island. We lived right near there way back and had a view of Cypress/Seymour/Grouse from our apartment. Used to love walking along the water wall walkway to the market with Colleen in the stroller.
    Enjoy another sunny day my friend.