Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunny and warm at Cypress - the "summer" olympics!

Hello all: Men's halfpipe today. It was just a gorgeous, sunny day at the mountain. It felt like summer!

Today I had a great job outside. I worked on the pathway that the spectators took to enter the venue. My job was simply to greet all the spectators, welcome them to Cypress and show them where to continue walking to reach their seats.

"Walking" is the name of the game at Cypress. Spectators can only access Cypress from motor coach buses that leave designated areas in Vancouver. No cars are allowed on the mountain. Once spectators (and volunteers) get off the bus at the mountain, they have at least a 15 minute walk (uphill) to the stairs that lead them up to their seats. There are 209 more steep stairs to reach the seating area. (see picture) Then there are more stairs if you are sitting higher than the first section. It is a work out in itself to reach your seat; I really felt for the people with small kids and some of the older people. I don't think the spectators had any idea the workout they were in for that day.

It is suppose to be sunny for a few more days in Vancouver which is unheard of.... I will take full advantage and try and get an outside job tomorrow at the mountain.

Hope you are well and enjoying the Olympics. I am just watching the half pipe finals on TV (as my shift ended before the finals) and it is an incredible event to watch. The camera shots are amazing.

Darcie, you win the prize for guessing the country of the team members I accosted to get a photo op! It is the Ukraine.

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  1. Hey Marianne, watching the women's downhill the other day brought back memories of my own skiing experience with the Ford family. I watched those women fall and saw their bindings release, saving their knees, and heard the sound of the helicopter blades, and thought - what fun!! I had to have drink after that.