Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Show and tell at preschool and the Vancouver aquarium.

Hello all:

I started out yesterday by going to Luke's preschool and being his "show and tell". I wore my volunteer uniform and took all my pins to show the kids. Preschool has not changed much since our girls went 15+ years ago. The teachers are magical in getting the kids to listen! The children performed their welcome song in English, French and sign language. I was impressed. I talked about being a volunteer and talked about how Luke's family had welcomed me into their home. I talked about pin trading and I showed each of them my pins I had collected. They liked the pins!

Rebecca then took me to one of her job sites. She is an interior designer and has had her own business for 12 years. She tries to work 3 days/week so she can have some time the boys. I have included a picture of the renovation she is doing. She is renovating the whole main floor of a house; I have included a picture of the kitchen. All the ceiling is done in cedar. Outside the kitchen window there is a beautiful stream running.

Rebecca & I then took the boys to the aquarium which was very enjoyable. I like the picture of the sloth up in the tree... Jamie, the sea otter cruising around on his back is for you!

After the aquarium, I met up with my cousin Anne who lives in Vancouver. We haven't seen each other for 10 years. We went to pick up my aunt (her mom) at her seniors apartment so she could join us for dinner. My aunt is 90 and lives alone independently. She is doing great and certainly doesn't look her age. She is taking a trip to England in April to visit her daughter and see her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Anne and Monte bought fresh salmon at Granville market and made a beautiful dinner. We had a nice visit.

I am off to work shortly... my last shift. It is pouring rain out. I was going to request a job on the hill but I may change my mind and ask to be in the security area where we are protected from the elements.

Hope you have a nice day.........Marianne

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