Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Final Weekend....Congratulations Canada!

Hello family and friends:

Well this will be my last entry of my olympic journey and it is a little sad to have all this come to an end... I think Vancouver did an amazing job hosting the Olympics and we really show cased Canada to the world.

This has definitely been a highlight in my life. I did not know what to expect but every day has been so great. I hope I was able to pass on the spirit of the Olympics to you. It was fun doing the blog.

I was so lucky to have the host family that I had... they are a lovely family and made me feel such a part of their life. I am really going to miss seeing the boys grow up as they are great little guys.

I always knew Bruce was great but I really want to thank him for taking over the reins at home for 3 weeks. He was always supportive even despite a few challenges at home!

Hope to touch base with all of you soon,



  1. Congrats Marianne! What a great adventure you've had and something you will keep with you for years to come! Thanks so much for sharing with us all - it's been great fun to read. You've inspired me ... will be looking for my new adventure soon!

  2. Marianne,

    It was such fun to follow you at the Olympics. You did a great job blogging!

    I can only imagine the fun you had -- even in the rain. A once in a lifetime experience.

    Barbara Stott
    Trafalgar 2009

  3. well Marianne, you only know what this means...when do we sign up for London 2012 :) Im planning on making great friends with someone who has family there that we can stay with :) MISS YOU and thanks for sharing! (L)