Friday, February 19, 2010

Day off - Granville Island, dinner in Horseshoe Bay, ride home on a Harley!


It was a great day to be off...sunny and 10 degrees. Got to take it when we can as this is Vancouver! Rebecca (the girl I am staying with) her 2 boys and her parents took me down to Granville Island today. We walked around there and soaked up the Canadian spirit. Everyone here is in Canada clothing. There was even a scalper selling Canada clothing from the Bay as there is nothing left in the stores here as it is selling like hot cakes. The scalper's wife lined up downtown at the Bay for 6 days in a row at 6:00 a.m. to buy the clothing. She sold $50 jackets for $90 easily. The entrepreneur spirit! Scalping is legal in Vancouver.

After we left Granville Island, we drove around Stanley Park which was beautiful. Got a great picture for Bruce and Kath of a float plane coming in over the Lion's Gate bridge. It is just like summer here; everything is in bloom and people are in shorts.

We then took the scenic drive along the water to Horseshoe Bay and had dinner at a local fish and chips restaurant.

Earlier today I had mustered up the courage to ask Rebecca's dad for a ride on his Harley at some point during my stay. Rebecca's husband Scott brought his Harley and met us for dinner at the restaurant. He brought Rebecca's leather jacket & leather pants (she has a Harley too!) and I was offered a ride home with Scott. Thank God I had a glass of wine at dinner; I was a little more relaxed! So I donned the Harley gear and I got on the back with Scott (thank god you didn't know Mom!) and we drove home from Horseshoe Bay to North Vancouver. (20 minutes) It was beautiful coming into Vancouver and seeing all the lights at night. I had a great ride and enjoyed it very much.

Tomorrow I am working up at the woman's aerials. Hopefully I'll get a position close to the action.

Just saw our gold win by Jon Montgomery in skeleton, we are great! With every medal we win, the buzz increases!

Looking forward to Lynda and Mitch arriving tomorrow. Lynda is my job sharing partner and the 3 of us have tickets to see the semi finals of the women's hockey, in which Canada is playing. Our tickets are for Monday at 5 p.m. Try and watch for us on TV!!

Take care, love the comments.



  1. Marianne you look good with a harley! Your day off sounded lovely! And the leather looks good too :) lol. OH! and if you find any more scalpers can you pick me up a Canada sweater? lol. They only have children's sizing here too!!!! just kidding :)

    Have a great day for the aerials!!!!

  2. Hi MA,

    Glad to see that you had a great day off. You look good in the leathers. If we get you a leather coat and pants will you ride in the float plane more often? Kath and I are installing new bamboo flooring in her room today. All is well here but we miss you. Murffy is marking off the days on the calander until you return.

    Love Bruce, Kath, Mado, & Murffy

  3. See, I always knew you had a dark side....... secret wish to be a motorcycle momma....... but.... if you come home with a tattoo you are in BIG trouble missy!!!
    Glad you had such a lovely day off. I love Granville Island..... and the whole False Creek area... Stanley Park..... etc etc...... yet wow i didn't think it have been that long since i have been out there...... but the skyline certainly has changed.
    Have fun at the aerials! I would think that due to the height they go you could pretty much see at least something, regardless of posting.
    Enjoy the hockey game!
    take care,

  4. Wow a Harley ride you must have had more that a glass of wine!!!- is Bill ever envious. Sounds like a great day. I was watching the aerials today and the sun is shining in Cypress- it looks beautiful. The crowds are really in the Olympic spirit- it is great to see. Have fun at the hockey game. You will have so much to tell when you return. Enjoy every moment!